Why I Chose Minecraft Props

Minecraft is a game I’ve enjoyed for a very long time. That’s why I wanted to do a series on how I made an assortment of Minecraft props. I ended up with three total, the diamond pick axe, diamond sword and torch. It’s been a comfort game of mine and while I didn’t really desire cosplaying from it, I still wanted to create something. 

Minecraft Diamond Sword - Minecraft Props
Minecraft Diamond Pick Axe - Minecraft Props
Minecraft Torch - Minecraft Props

How I Made Minecraft Props

They were all made out of wooden cubes to represent each pixel. It started with planning out all of the cubes and gluing them together with contact cement and super glue in more difficult areas. Then I painting by numbers essentially to ensure the colors matched up my reference photos and sealed everything with a layer of resin.

Final Thoughts

As a cosplayer, I recommend just making random props. I think it makes for a good break from a full cosplay build and can open up more opportunities with fandoms or characters you might have otherwise missed out on.

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