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Welcome to my website! I’m Katie. For those who know nothing about me, I am a content creator who focuses on cosplay. As a cosplayer I both model as well as craft them. I have never taken any sort of classes for them so I am mostly self taught. I relied on things like tutorials on Youtube and books that other cosplayers have made.

I began just dressing up in cosplay when I was a senior in highschool back in 2013. The only character I cosplayed as then was Harley Quinn, specifically from Arkham City. It was actually Arkham City and Arkham Asylum that led to me getting into cosplaying as well as trying to do impressions to get fully immersed into the character.

After some time, at the start of the pandemic in 2019, I decided to finally start modeling more characters and added Honey Senpai and Spidergwen to my mix. This of course snowballed into so many characters. However, it also led to me sitting down to learn how to do SFX makeup.


After a few more years, in 2022, I finally began my journey with crafting. It started with EVA foam, wig styling, and painting. Of course it spiraled into more with sewing, LEDs, thermoplastics, resin and mold making but who knows where it will end.

So to share my cosplays and how I make them, I make a ton of content surrounding them. I do modeling with my Onlyfans and cosplay prints as well as for skits on Tiktok. When I’m making cosplays though I typically will end up making Youtube tutorials from those. I also save all my patterns to sell for any other cosplayer who needs them. I take commissions as well since I enjoy crafting so much and I would love to make something for you!

I am also a writer. I have written a book on how to stream but have since moved away from writing about streaming to focus on technical books about cosplaying. It has been a ton of fun to share my insights and help you all learn through my books and my blog here on my website! So scroll around and happy crafting!

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