The following books and workbooks are ones I have written on how to cosplay. They focus on making cosplays with different materials. They’re available as ebooks and some come as paperbacks. Be sure to check out my Ko-Fi as well for my book bundles if you want to pick up multiples. 

swatches workbook cover - my books

Cosplay Swatches Workbook

This digital workbook allows you to swatch materials like paint, fabrics, and even textures to keep track of the material, where it was purchased from, and how it is made for textures. That way you can track your different materials for cosplays. Print as many swatch pages as you need so you never run out! $1.99

Mini Guide: Making Prop Arrows from Wood Dowels - my books

Mini Guide: Making Prop Arrows from Wood Dowels

This digital cosplay tutorial book will help you step up your props! Learn to create cosplay arrows from wooden dowels to give them more realism on a budget. Free

mini guide adding pvc pipe to cosplay props - my books

Mini Guide: Adding PVC Pipes to Cosplay Props

This is a mini guide that focuses on adding PVC pipes to EVA foam props. This is a great technique to improve stability in your props and help them break down for portability and storage. Free

cosplay crash course foamsmithing - my books

Cosplay Crash Course: Foamsmithing

This was the first book I set out to write on cosplaying. It focuses on basic cosplay crafting techniques when working with EVA foam and insulation foam. This is great for someone starting with EVA foam or even someone at a more intermediate crafting level looking to expand their knowledge. $5.99

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