Why I Chose SpiderGwen, Carnage, Gwenom and Anti-Gwenom

The Spiderverse is massive as we’ve learned from the newer Spiderverse films. From comics, to TV series and more movies, Gwen and her many forms make appearances. She’s cool and powerful in all the best ways. I love the many faces of SpiderGwen and lycra suits are by far the comfiest to wear as a cosplayer. I also just loved her hair in the Spiderverse films since it’s rare to find my hairstyle in different media. This helped draw me to her. 

How I Made SpiderGwen, Carnage, Gwenom and Anti-Gwenom

These cosplays were rather simple to put together. I ultimately purchased the suits or was gifted them as well as my wig which didn’t require styling. 

For Anti-Gwenom and Carnage I had to customize the shoes by taking a solid color pair of flats and using black puffy paint. I also had to create claws for both of them and Gwenom that I made with EVA foam. The claws were really simple to make and I was so glad with how they turned out. 

Final Thoughts

These cosplays are beyond comfy and cozy. I love getting to wear them since they are way more comfortable than some of my other ones. If I need something easy for a Sunday of a convention, they are my go to costumes.