Cosplay and sewing patterns can sometimes get folded and crumpled up when being stored. This can make them slightly difficult to work with. Don’t throw that pattern out just yet though. Today we’re answering how do you flatten pattern paper so you can keep using it for cosplay making.

The common method of flattening sewing papers is both fast and easy to do. All it requires is an iron and ironing board (or a board alternative). The following steps will help you get that pattern paper nice and flat:

  1. Lay out paper – Lay out your sewing pattern paper on your ironing board or a towel.
  2. Power up iron – Plug in your iron and turn it to a low setting. Then wait for it to heat up.
  3. Iron the paper – Once the iron is heated up, gentling pass over the pattern paper with your iron.

Can Pattern Paper Be Ironed

Pattern paper can definitely be ironed, but there is a few safety tips to keep in mind to avoid ruining the pattern of causing an accident or injury.

  • Remove tape – If you’ve taped together pieces of the the pattern or mended tears then you need to remove the tape before you start ironing. Otherwise it could melt from the heat and create a huge mess.
  • Don’t press down – Don’t heavily press down or hold your iron in place on the paper. Otherwise you can burn it. Instead slowly glide the iron over the paper.

What Temperature Do You Iron Pattern Paper

Always iron on a low heat setting. Cranking up the temperature can be a fire hazard when ironing such thin paper. Rather than increasing the heat setting, repetitively glide the iron over your paper on a low setting until it’s fully flattened.

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