Bodices are an easy addition to any Renaissance faire costume. They work well with everything from dresses, to tops and skirts. There’s a wide variety of options in terms of styles you can create. That’s why I wanted to show you how to make a Renaissance faire bodice in the many different styles. Creating these are quite simple since it just requires some basic sewing and boning. These can also often be done with fabric remnants or scraps since they require very little material. I can often make these with less than a yard of fabric and still have materials left over.

Basic Bodices

Before diving into fancy styles that incorporate more advanced techniques, let’s look at some of the more basic bodices you can create.

Overbust Bodice

This bodice typically lays on top of your bust.

Underbust Bodice

This type of bodice will typically have the bodice be placed below the breasts.

Waist Cincher

This one may not seem like a bodice. However I felt it’s also a common staple and worth discussing.

Reversible Bodice

This is still a simple overbust bodice, however you can make them to be reversible and it doesn’t require much additional skills or materials besides fabric.

Styled Bodices

If you’re not satisfied in learning how to make a Renaissance faire bodice, try some of these more advanced styles. Be aware they will require more niche sewing patterns to create them due to the very unique styles.

Bodice with Ruffles

Cottagecore Bodice

This may not be as suited for the Renaissance faire, but it was too cute of a style to ignore.

Cropped Bodice with Tails

This specific bodice was also made to be reversible but the steps will not cover how I did that and instead focuses on strictly making a bodice with tails.