How I Made Ash Williams’ Chainsaw


You may have recognized the many forms of media this chainsaw prop is from just by the picture. This wearable chainsaw prop was a commission for an Ashley Williams cosplay. It was based off the many forms of Ash Williams such as the Evil Dead movies, Ash V Evil Dead TV show, and even Ash Williams from Dead by Daylight and Evil Dead the Game. 


The design for this was extremely well planned out before I started making it. I needed to factor in a few things to make the chainsaw accurate while also making it light weight and comfortable to improve the experience wearing it. The exterior is the usual go to, EVA foam and foam dowels. For the interior though, there is a very unique skeleton.  The skeleton consists of acrylic sheets and PVC piping to ensure the chainsaw is not only sturdy but also lightweight for the cosplayer to wear it. It also includes a grip bar from PVC, and felt lining in the cuff and on the grip bar to ensure it wears comfortably for the cosplayer. It was definitely more in depth planning than any project I have done and I had a blast testing out the prototype.


This commission was done for Shelby Dueitt. She is a very talented model with interests in cosplay, fitness, and gaming. You can find her at her Instagram and her Onlyfans