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Where can I find your work?

I share my cosplays and crafting on a few platforms. My website here is the best spot to find everything but there’s also my YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Onlyfans.

When did you start cosplaying?

I started wearing cosplays in 2013 and officially started crafting in 2022!

How many characters do you cosplay?

… there is literally nothing in the world you could do to convince me to actually sit down and count them all. We’re well past 10 though.

What do you do as a cosplayer?

My cosplay adventure has a lot of moving parts! As a cosplayer I both model and craft my cosplaying. With making my own cosplays I am able to provide tons of resources for other cosplayers like patterns for sale, books, Youtube tutorials, and more! With modeling I provide things like prints for sale and an Onlyfans full of my cosplays not seen on social media or here. Overall my goal is to inspire others to reach their cosplay goals no matter how hard they may seem with sharing my work and even my failures.

Do you take commissions?

I sometimes do. Whether you are an individual cosplayer in need of a cosplay or prop, or a company looking to commission a cosplayer for a brand deal, I can definitely help you out! Just fill out my little handy form please and we can get talking!

How can I get started with cosplay?

I have tons of resources to get started cosplaying! Whether you want to check out my blog, my books, templates, Youtube tutorials, or the resource page here on my site that also shows you what tools and materials you need, there is plenty of resources for you!

How did you make ___?

I have a whole Youtube channel dedicated to showing how I made some of my cosplays! I definitely recommend you check it out here.

What all do you sell in the shop?

My shop has lots to choose from! It includes my signed cosplay prints, merch, cosplay templates, cosplay tutorial books, my commissions form, cosplay phone wallpapers, and video commissions.

Can I book you for cons and other appearances? (Podcasts, Talk Shows, etc.)

Yes! I can be booked for all sorts of appearances. I even have a form right here to fill out for it. 

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