Why I Chose Honey

Honey Senapi is a comfort character for me. I fell in love with the show Ouran Highschool Host Club while I was in college and I just wasn’t having the best time. So the show was something that just made me feel good after a tough day. The character Honey was one I felt an instant connection with. Comfort characters are just such a joy to bring to life in the form of cosplay. Thus the desire to cosplay as Honey.  

How I Made Honey

I really didn’t make much for Honey. The costume and USA chan were all purchased. The wig was my first time styling with anime spikes that defy gravity. 

This cosplay definitely helped me develop my passion for wig styling. I watched countless tutorial videos until I could perfectly construct his big spiked bangs and the little cow licks at the top of his head. 



Final Thoughts

I love cosplaying Honey. However I always have to make sure I bring USA chan with me when I do otherwise I look more like Tamaki on accident. Cosplaying male characters as a female is also sort of fun. Characters aren’t limited by our gender or physical appearance and hopefully Honey shows you that. 

wig - Honey

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