Cracks, gaps and seams can cause EVA foam cosplays to have an undesirable look. Whether while sanding or assembling these gaps have popped up, they can thankfully be fixed with ease. So strap in while we answer the question of how do you fill cracks in EVA foam.

  • Foam clay – This option does require some sculpting. Foam clay can easily fill gaps of EVA foam since the two materials work well with each other. Use water to help smooth it out and sand as needed to avoid the creation of additional gaps and seams.
  • Gap Filla – There is a product called Gap Filla that is meant to fill gaps, seams and cracks in EVA foam. Apply it to your gap and use a wet finger to smooth out the material. You can then sand it once it’s dry, similar to foam clay.
  • Adhesive caulk – I personally love using Kwik Seal adhesive caulk, but any brand should suffice. This is the easiest and still effective way to fill in cracks and seams. It helps to have a wet sponge or just dip your finger in water to smooth out the caulk as you apply it to seams and cracks.
  • Sanding – For seams, sanding is the best way to smooth them out. However you start to lose some of the thickness of the foam so you don’t want to be over sanding it every time a seam appears. You can sand your foam with a rotary tool like a Dremel or with sandpaper. 

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