Leather can be a great material for cosplays. However it can be a bit expensive, requires separate techniques to craft with and there is the ethical questions behind it. So if you’re not comfortable crafting with it, you need an alternative. If you’re wondering what can you use instead of leather for cosplay, strap in for this list of options you have to choose from. Thankfully there is a variety of alternatives to work with.

Alternatives for Leather in Cosplay

There are two alternatives that work the best as a substitute for leather when crafting cosplays.

EVA Foam

If you’re a foamsmither, then this option is perfect for you. EVA foam can be created to look like leather by simply texturing and painting it. Depending on the thickness you use, it also has a level of sturdiness to make it on par with leather. However it will take work in order to actually getting it look like leather first.

Pleather Fabric

This alternative is cheaper than regular leather and can be sewn just like heavy duty fabrics. The look of the fabric however can sometimes be too shiny or the color too saturated. It also doesn’t always have the right texture and may not look quite right. It’s also far thinner and thus lacks the sturdiness of leather or EVA foam. However it’s substantially easier to work with than leather or EVA foam.

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