Damages can happen when you’re on the road for photoshoots and conventions or just over time due to general wear and tear. If you’re trying to put together tools to make fixes, then you need to know what do you put in a cosplay repair kit. Whether it’s foam armor and props or sewn fabric costumes, this kit is sure to help you keep it in tip top shape.

  • Hot glue gun – This is probably the most important tool to keep in your cosplay repair kit. Gluing back on parts is a breeze with the right tools. A mini glue gun can be perfect for travel if you need it for cons. However, if you know you won’t have a way to plug it in, you should explore a cordless option.
  • Small hand sewing kit – Seams can fall apart or tear over time. Thus having a small sewing kit to hand sew a cosplay back together is a must. This includes things like hand sewing needles, thread, seam rippers, pins and more. You can also create your own if you don’t find one that’s to your liking. There is also handheld, portable sewing repair machines you can purchase to make faster repairs without fully sewing by hand.
  • Scissors – Cutting threads from sewing repairs, cutting off missed tags and more requires a pair of scissors. You might want to get a small pair and read ahead about rules if you’re traveling via airplane with them.
  • Bobby pins – You really only need these if you’re wearing a wig or have your own hair heavily styled. Things can get loose or fall apart over time. Having extra bobby pins in your bag can make it easy for you to run to the bathroom and secure your wig back in place.
  • Touch up makeup – Make up can melt in the summer sun during outside photoshoots or while sweating on the convention floor. Keep back up make up on hand to reapply as needed throughout the day. This can also include spirit gum or wig tape if you’re wearing SFX makeup.
  • Safety pins – Sometimes a simple safety pin is all you need to repair your cosplay. It can hold a variety of things together. Keep a variety of sizes of these so you’re prepared for any cosplay damages.
  • Hair spray – if you have a heavily styled wig that you need to keep in place for a full photoshoot or weekend long convention, you need the hair spray to hold it. A small travel bottle can probably do the trick if you need to pack lightly or are boarding a plane. However this is optional if you don’t have a wig or it’s minimally styled and shaped.

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